They closed the papers in the folder, smiling broadly. “This is great,” the husband said to me. “Thank you so much for all you’re doing.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied, scooping up the next folder.

“We just really appreciate it,” the wife added. “Thanks again.”

I looked back and forth between the smiling faces and nodded. “Well it’s all part of the job.” Holding out the next folder I said, “Now this is the other site we discussed.”

“Oh my goodness, thank you,” the husband said, taking it.

“Er, right,” I answered.

“You’ve done so much for us,” the wife added.

“Well let me actually tell you about this one,” I said, trying to open up the folder for them.

“All the time and effort you’ve gone to…” the husband began, and his wife continued, “…When we’re trying to make this important decision, it’s just…” she paused emphatically, and they said together, “Thank you.”

“What is this?” I asked. “What’s happening?”

“We’re just so appreciative–”

“What the hell is happening?”

The couple’s eyes flicked to each other. “Abort!” The pair crumpled to the floor in a heap, and a swarm of squirrels emerged, scampering around my heels and out the door.

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