Story by Gregory M. Fox
from A Breath of Fiction’s archives
originally published November 28, 2010

* * *

Dear Isabella,

I hear my buddy Chris decided to pay you a visit.  After the laugh we had with him, I’m surprised he was even brave enough to show his face in public.  But the really astonishing part is that I heard you’re actually going along with his crazy idea.  Is this for real?  I mean, did he show you that lame bit with the pear?  I told everybody you must be playing a practical joke on him or something.  He’s calling himself the “Great Admiral of the Ocean” for crying out loud.  How could anyone take a guy like that seriously?  But everyone tells me you’re sincere.  Do you actually think he’ll make it?

If all I’ve heard is true, then I have to let you know I’m a little concerned.  I mean, what are you and Ferdinand smoking over there?  First it was the Inquisition, then the Granada War, now this.  I think you guys need to rethink some life choices.  Everyone knows Chris is a crackpot who wants to kill all the Indians ever.  And besides, Africa is where the real action is.  Cape of Good Hope, here we come!


King John II of Portugal


* * *

Photo by Sheila Joy on Unsplash