A Beginning

Welcome to gmfx.net, my personal website.  So far, most of my projects have been a bit “underground,” if only because I’ve mostly been publishing them on blogs rather than on mainstream venues.  But when I self-published my ebook this summer, I began a slow process of trying to develop a more public existence as an author.  I’ve established author pages with goodreads and Amazon, and now I have finally taken the plunge into launching my own website.

The site is fairly minimal at this point, but I’m hoping that in the future it will grow.  I have all sorts of ideas about using it as a central hub for all my projects and maybe a home for some of my projects that don’t fit into traditional formats.  For now, however, I am happy just to have a place where I can share a little bit of info and the occasional bit of news about what I’m working on.

So take a look around, see what’s going on, and come back again some time to see if anything is new.

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