Here are a couple of reviews that have shown up for my ebook, A Breath of Fiction: Volume I.

“A Breath of Fiction is a curious little anthology of 200 stories, each containing exactly 200 words.  With several themes running throughout, the stories themselves all stand alone.  About life and everything unexpected that happens in it, A Breath of Fiction is a pleasant little read, and perfect for keeping around for those odd few minutes each day when you have nothing else to do.  Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, some mood whiplash may occur.”     —Miles Larson

“Gregory M. Fox’s first book is a collection of flash fiction (described as “200 stories, each made up of exactly 200 words”) originally published on his A Breath of Fiction blog. You have a compilation of thoughtful, articulate micro stories that have been organized into thematic communities, if you will.

The format means that Fox has to get to the point quickly or risk running into the self-imposed word limitation. He must make artistic and editorial decisions with blinding speed. It’s more successful than not. The stories with less obvious motives sparkle a little more (contrast the desperation of Pump, a borderline brilliant piece, with Kiss, which cannot create an emotional charge in such limited space no matter how badly the plot cries out for it). A piece like Closed gives the reader room to wiggle with an interpretation. (I’m kind of obsessed with it.) In these moments, the book is masterful.

There is a lot of fantasy buried in the collection including his 2014 Lovecraftian Micro Fiction Contest honorable mention Remains. And there is a lot of darkness (read Gold). When it all comes together and Fox gives it full throttle, the compilation transcends.”     —Andrew Marks