Current Writing Projects

A Breath of Fiction
Gregory’s ongoing flash fiction endeavors.  So far it is located on his blog and in a collected ebook, but other volumes and iterations are in development.

Riot of Noise
A novel with a completed first draft.  An existential buddy comedy about the unlikely friendship between a middle aged divorcee and a young gay man traipsing across Indianapolis, IN and figuring out who they are.

Iris Falling
A novel nearing completion about a young girl befriending an old woman, dealing with themes like history, trust, mental illness, the nature of truth, and gardening.

I’m sorry, but it’s over now.
A forthcoming hyperlink novella – a bit like a “choose your own adventure” or like a book with all the pages in (almost) random order.  Somewhere Between was my first venture in this genre.  I’m sorry, but it’s over now will be even larger and will appear on this site when complete.

A fantasy novel, set not in a realm of swords and sorcery, but in a world that looks a bit more like early enlightenment Europe.
A graphic novel about an old man and a giant umbrella.
Various short stories, some realistic and some not so much.
A graphic novel about the Great Famine in Ireland.